Premiere LiveCode consultant, at your service

I’m Curry Kenworthy, a recognized leader in LiveCode development for discerning customers who want the highest expertise at a great price. I’ve racked up many “firsts” in the LC community, and continue to do so, but your project is always my first priority.

Let’s talk about your app: Call me today at (954) 800-8883 or email at  and tell me about your exciting software project. Are you planning the next big mobile hit? Do you have a desktop utility, custom database, or research tool? The social app of the future? An educational game? Something so different it doesn’t fit into a category? I can’t wait to hear about it, and I’m equally enthusiastic to work on Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, and Linux.

Creative vision: Clients bring the most amazing ideas and needs. It’s my pleasure to nurture your dreams and make them reality. From drawing board to app store and beyond, I’m there for your app. Imagine the best software, and let’s make it even better.

Proven philosophy: Want amazing code? Settle for nothing less. Innovative, practical-perfectionist development methods designed specifically around LiveCode with paranoid attention to details and challenges. I take every line of script seriously.

Old and new: Love LC 8? Still enjoying version 5 or 6? I love ’em all. If you have an app that’s celebrating its 12th birthday and needs a few new features, bring it. I’m well-known for my debugging prowess and eagle eyes for errors, and my special techniques minimize side effects when editing complex existing products. If you’re planning an app that will use features LiveCode doesn’t even have yet, bring that too and together we’ll create the future.

Learn Livecode: I frequently teach and even co-develop to empower those who desire a more intimate hands-on experience with their software. My methods for LiveCode instruction are unique (they’re my own) and highly effective, built on established principles of learning and then taken a few steps further. You won’t find anything else like it. If you want to understand LiveCode better than anyone, you’ve come to the right place.

LiveCode technologies: With more than 15 years specializing in Runtime Revolution and LiveCode, not to mention computer science and software publishing, I’ve worked with all aspects of this powerful development tool and pioneered some of the most efficient ways to leverage its unique strengths.

Whether it’s game dynamics, text display or manipulation, image analysis, pseudo recursion, special calculations, data crunching, algorithms, or simply amazing interface and app features, I consistently push LiveCode to its limits. I’m also proud to be the go-to guy for binary and XML file formats, including my addons for Microsoft Office formats.

Interdisciplinary approach: Apps don’t happen in a vacuum. Software developers with insight know that an application is more than simply code and UI. Clients know that they can rely on my analytical skills and broad range of studies and endeavors for guidance on practically anything and everything involved in software and subject matter.

From user interface issues to learning mechanisms, from communication and customer personalities to human cultures, public relations, strategy, and media. From sports to handicaps, from science to games, from business to charity, from general interests to the most specialized fields and obscure topics. Whatever it takes to think through your app and build into your product, I’m on it. And if you need help with making written materials come alive for your audience, I will chop any difficulties into tiny quivering pieces and cremate the remains in a dirty bonfire.

Call now: I’m always at your service at (954) 800-8883. I love emails too, keep them coming at . Some people are phone people, some are email people. I’m both, so we all get along great. From an English and Scots-Irish lineage, raised in big Texas, I spent much of my life in Missouri, with some memorable time overseas in Asia, and recently relocated to Florida to maximize year-round coding capacity. I work with people around the USA and around the world. Ready to make the best software ever? Take my hand and let’s jump right into the heart of your project!